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CrimpCloud® is software that connects equipment and people to build a quality hose assembly every time.

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Why do leading hose assembly operations choose CrimpCloud®?

CrimpCloud® is the most reliable, efficient and safest hose assembly operations software solution in the market. With it, you'll save thousands annually.



Real time data driven analytics help to streamline supply chain and improve productivity.


Remote Support

Rapid access to your equipment at any locations. Troubleshooting via internet with our technicians.


Quality Control

Track machine performance, ensure crimp quality and eliminate errors. Build quality hoses, every time.



Integrated, interactive educational materials to keep your operators always ready for the job.


Connected Devices

Connectivity enables rapid information exchange between devices, boost efficiency and productivity.



Various equipment to make your hose fabrication operations safe, more efficient and profitable. Shop in a Box - smart assembly solution, powered by CrimpCloud®.



Unique hose identification you to track both assembly and operations-related information. Record, manage, and retrieve information that is important to you.


IQ Technologies

CrimpIQ™ controller is the next generation, intelligent, cloud-based controller for hydraulic and industrial hose crimper. No guesswork.



Eliminate costly and potentially dangerous errors with integrated systems. On-demand calibration report.

Highlighted feature - Traceability

A unique hose identification allows you to track both assembly and operations-related information. Record, manage, and retrieve information that is important to you. With a proper identification system, downtime can be avoided. Assets can be identified quickly, and replacement products can be sourced in a much shorter time at lower cost.

Subscription Tiers
Easiest way to manage your crimp operations.
  • Crimper Calibration report
  • Equipment maintenance report
  • Advanced reporting
  • Equipment utilization
  • Resource management
  • Automatic data backup
  • Priority software updates
  • Priority equipment support
  • Training resources
The easiest way to manage your crimp operation and track you hose assemblies.
  • Everyting in Basic
  • CrimpCloud® labeling solution
  • Hose birth certificate
  • Generate unique asset ID
  • Universal code system
  • Batch coding generate
  • Access to CrimpCloud® Database
  • Bill of material
  • Production data log
  • Direct replacement ordering
  • Connected test bench Test Results Transfer Protocol


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